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EHS offer a Day Program that provides residents with opportunities to socialize, exercise, and learn. This program’s intent is to improve the lives of our residents and to teach new skills through a variety of activities and programs. In doing this, we hope to give them the skills they need to live as independently as possible. Through these programs we hope to instill a variety of skills including communicating with others, making personal choices, eating independently, personal hygiene, domestic skills, developing hobbies and interests, and developing basic work skills. Each person’s program is individually designed to meet their personal needs and skills.

These skills will be emphasized through a variety of activities designed and coordinated by a trained Day Program staff. In addition, many entertainment and social activities will be incorporated. These include a variety of games and sports, exercise time, gardening activities, arts and crafts, table games, music and singing time, and many others. Another important aspect of the day program will be community service projects. This part of the program teaches our residents the importance of giving back to the community. All Day Program activities primarily takes place on campus, but field trips will be offered on occasion