Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disability

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One of the most important aspects of our organization is to build a world–class residential care facility building. We plan to construct a new $1.6 million facility, which will offer the amenities of a modern home, on a 12,000 square foot property in Texas on approximately three acres. Our building will have every convenience of home, so our residents are truly comfortable. The building will consist of 50 bedrooms, each of which is approximately 140 square feet. The bedrooms will be fully furnished and contain a bed, pillows, blankets, a bedspread, other proper linens, a bedside stand, a chair, closet space, a dresser, and vanity and sink. The rooms will each have at least one window which will provide views of the outdoors.

In addition to the bedrooms, the facility will have several living rooms–type area. In total, these areas will be approximately 2,400 square feet. These rooms will serve many needs from providing a relaxing place to watch television and socialize, to a place to play board games with fellow residents and volunteers. One room will be furnished with couches, chairs, and end tables and will supply a place for the residents to watch television. Another room will have couches, tables, chairs, and floor mats to provide a place for social activities and games. The room will be stocked with a variety of board games and cards for the residents’ enjoyment. A third smaller area will accommodate those seeking a quiet place. This area will also have couches, chairs, bookshelves, end tables, and lamps. We hope that by providing a variety of living areas, our residents will have ample opportunity to socialize and interact with those in our community as well as have individual time for peace and quiet.

Our facility will utilize communal bathrooms for the residents’ use. These bathrooms will be conveniently located so that all residents have easy access. The bathrooms will have all the necessary equipment, including individual showering areas.

The Day Program will take place in our 2,400 square foot activity center. This center will be very flexible, allowing the spaced to be used for a variety of activities. The area will have collapsible tables and chairs, floor mats, and other appropriate equipment. This way, the facility can meet many different needs, from arts and crafts to exercise and dancing.

The kitchen will be approximately 750 square feet and will be equipped with proper kitchen equipment. These items will include commercial sized refrigerators and freezers, ovens, and dishwashing equipment. There will also be adequate preparation areas with necessary counter space and sinks. The dining area will be approximately 1,200 square feet and will have adequate number of tables and chairs so as to accommodate our residents. Finally, about 1,000 square feet will be devoted to offices, a nurse station, and general workspace.