Who We Are

Emerald Human Services provide a continuum of community-based services that supports the efforts of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible in the least restrictive environment, and to improve quality life for children with emotional disorder.

Our facility provides a temporary, home-like environment for medically fragile children, technology dependent children, and children with special health care needs, up to 17 years of age, who are deemed clinically stable by a physician but are dependent on life-sustaining medications, treatments, and equipment, and who require assistance with activities of daily living to facilitate transitions from a hospital or other facility to a home or other appropriate setting.

Our services include full–time residential care, treatment services, assessment, private rooms, direct–care staff and nursing staff for any necessary medical care, entertainment and recreational opportunities, and educational and job skills training.

What We Do

Transitional Living Program – We provide a safe haven where women, men and teenagers may come to mend, to heal and to be restored from a traumatized past and/or a self-destructive lifestyle.  Our transitional housing units provide an opportunity for individuals and families to begin the process of inner healing by placing them in a warm, positive and supportive environment to encourage lifestyle changes.  We have several transitional housing facilities to provide separate units for each group (i.e. men, women, teenagers and/or families), and serve 6 residents per unit.

We offer as many as 10 transitional housing units.  Our TLP is a combination of homes and apartment units.  The units include two to three-bedrooms, living area, kitchen and bathroom.  Residents are assigned duties to maintain their rooms and living areas.  Our resident managers supervise the residents and a staff member will live in the facility.  No one else will live in the facility.  The facility is used for our transitional living program only.

Residents are allowed to stay at the facility a maximum of 6 months.  During their stay, residents will be required to attend counseling sessions and life skills workshops based on their specific needs.

Screening Process/Case Management Services

Typically, applicants will be referred to our program by a government agency or other not-for-profit organizations. Applicants will complete an application for residency and a background check will be performed. Applicants must agree to the resident program rules and guidelines.  Applicants must submit a doctor’s report of physical condition and drug screening. Applicant’s identification will be verified.  A director and a counselor will interview each applicant for admission.

Applicants are accepted on a first-come first-served basis.  If no space is available, applicants will be placed on a waiting list (also first-come, first served) and/or referred to agencies providing similar services.

Our general admission requirements are:

  • Age 18 or over.
  • Unemployed; receiving public or other governmental assistance; or low-income employment.
  • Must demonstrate a desire to move toward self-sufficiency.
  • Good Personal References
  • Good or Excellent Health
  • Living in abusive situation; inhabitable living conditions; homeless; or re-entering society from a penal institution, correctional facility or rehabilitative facility….Read More

Our Mission

Make A Difference In The Life Of A Child
Emerald Human Services seek to improve the life of children with emotional, intellectual and developmental disability.
Let your life be an Inspiration
Emerald Human Services seek to improve the life of children with emotional, intellectual and developmental disability.
Better World For All Children
Emerald Human Services seek to improve the life of children with emotional, intellectual and developmental disability.
Diverse Approach
Expert Advice
Professional Team
Result Based

We’re Professionals!

Our Team

Our management team will consist of individuals with experience in the health care and nursing home industry. These individuals will be charged with maintaining the daily operations of the facility as well as supporting the long–term viability of the organization. The management team will include the following:

Executive Director

An expert in her field, Ms. Joan William earned a Master of Science in Education specializing in early childhood studies from Walden University in 2018. Subsequently, she returned to her Alma mater where she is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in clinical psychology. Over the years, she also became certified in CPR, first aid, cultural competency and therapeutic parenting preparation. In order to remain aware of changes in the field, Ms. William has been affiliated with the National Society of Leadership & Success, the National Association for Family Child Care and the American Psychological Association. With a plethora of knowledge at her disposal, Ms. William authored “Theories and Concepts of Child Development” in 2019. Due to her outstanding work in the field, she was presented with the Leadership Award from the National Society of Leadership & Success in 2019. Looking toward the future, Ms. William aims to establish a special treatment center for children with psychological issues. She is responsible for the overall operation and management of the facility.

Outside Management Support

EHS also rely on a variety of outside sources for management support. These include both a Certified Public Accountant and an Attorney. These services is donated by friends of the organization.

Board of Directors

An outside Board of Directors is assembled, including highly qualified individuals from throughout the community. This board consist of experts in the health care and nursing care field, as well as donors, family members of residents, and other respected members of the community. Working with the management team, they aid in making appropriate and effective decisions that benefit the lives of our residents as well as foster the long–run success of the organization.


The state of Texas gives specific guidelines for the staffing of Residential Care Facilities. In order to achieve a higher level of personalized care, EHS exceed these requirements. EHS is tailored to meet the needs of what the state classifies as specialized service level. If the facility were to serve intense or intense plus services, the staffing levels would have to be increased dramatically to meet state requirements. Our organization consist of a direct care staff, a nursing staff, a day program staffs, a dietary staff, an administrative staff, and a facility services staff. In total our staff include approximately 20 full time and 10 part time employees. For detailed staffing information including job descriptions, shift schedules, and salary information please see the appendix.

You can join Us


Volunteers are an integral component necessary for the success of EHS. They are actively recruited from throughout the community and will include all age levels and abilities. They will be utilized in nearly every aspect of the organization, from daily operations and care to fundraising. Volunteers will work closely with the Day Program and Volunteer Coordinator to help meet the needs of the residents and the facility. We hope to utilize an adequate number of volunteers to aid in areas such as general care, activities and entertainment, mealtime assistance, and education and training. In addition to helping, we hope that the volunteers will develop meaningful relationships with our residents, adding to the quality of their lives.

In addition to assisting with the daily operations, volunteers will also be needed to aid in all of our fundraising efforts. They will work with the Administrator and the Day Program and Volunteer Coordinator to organize and work at fundraising activities as discussed in the Fundraising Plan. Their efforts in this area are critical to the financial success of the organization.

Start an avocado orchard, send a child to school or invest in a single.
Start an avocado orchard, send a child to school or invest in a single.
Start an avocado orchard, send a child to school or invest in a single.
Team Building
Start an avocado orchard, send a child to school or invest in a single.